Squawk Codes

Here are some common transponder codes.

VFR Codes
1200: Used in USA. (Not used in VATSIM Russia.)
7000: Used in Europe.
Special Codes
0001-0027: Air Ambulance and Medivac
0030-0037: Sector/Radar Calibrations
1255: VFR forest fire-fighting aircraft
1277: VFR search-and-rescue aircraft
1000-1117: Military Operations
4000: Military aircraft on training ops
4400-4477: Aircraft operating above FL600
7000-7017: Aerobatics Flights
7701-7727: SAR Operations
Special Codes (NOT USED IN VATSIM)
7020-7027: Police Flights
7501-7557: Police Flights
Emergency Codes
7500: Hijacking
7600: Lost Communications
7700: Emergency

Created by Adam Porter, who controls in the Indy ARTCC.