ATC Info Page, Version 1.05

Welcome to my ATC Info Page, version 1.05. I created this as a quick reference page for controllers from which they can get all the info they need on airports, navaids, weather, etc. from one page, without having to click back buttons or go through favorites menus.

Note: The U.S. weather maps box in the left frame does require JavaScript to be enabled, and the UTC clock does require Java to be enabled. I don't usually like to use either unless they are very useful, but in this case, I think they are.  (c;

If you'd like to download this page for use directly from your own computer, click here. Please do if you are going to use this page often, as it will speed loading for you and reduce load on my server.  (c;  Check back once in a while for updates though. The Perl script is just so I can count the number of downloads.


April 26, 2006: Well, it's been a few years since the last update, eh? Er...that's the same thing I said two years ago. Well, anyway...right now the site is getting about a hit or two a week, on average. If you're one of those rare people, please feel free to spread the word about the site. I haven't been active in VATSIM for a while, but I'd still like to see this get used. I know I used it every time I controlled, and several other people used it a lot too.

In other news, I just added some spam prevention to the guestbook script. It had been getting spammed for about a month. Of course, no one has ever actually signed the guestbook anyway, even though I spent some time setting it up just right...but maybe someday someone will. So it should hopefully be spam-free for a while.

April 29, 2004: It's been a few years since the last update, eh? Well, after not doing any flying or controlling for a while, I'm getting back into it, so I figured it was time for an update. All of the links and forms work now, and I've added and removed a few resources. As usual, comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome. And feel free to mirror or make your own version of this.
November 26, 2001: Well, it is time for an update! SATCO's become (in a way) VATSIM, links have changed, and a few cosmetic changes have been made as well.
  • As you have probably noticed, I've color-coded the boxes in the left frame for easier quick-reference.
  • I've added some new links in the bottom three boxes.

    As of right now, the Airport Pathfinder is still offline after a disk crash on the server, but I'm leaving the link up.

    I also cannot get the Flight Calculator to work. I enter an airport in the boxes, select Airport in the drop down box, and hit enter, but nothing happens. But I'm leaving the link up, since it might work for others, and maybe it will be fixed.

    I also cannot get to work at all. I go to their site but get a mostly empty page with no information. But I'm going to leave the link up in hopes that they will fix it, if it's not just a problem on my end.

  • I've updated the World Airport Info form that uses Landings. The old URL to the form stopped working, but luckily Richard Critz found this URL that works just like the old one. The current form on Landings' site uses a dynamically-generated hidden password field in the form, so unless you get the form from their site, it won't work. But this URL still works. I've e-mailed someone at Landings and hope that he can fix it so the other form will work, but this one is better anyway because it does not display all the frames on their site, just the page with the results. Let's hope this one keeps working.
  • Now for a few little things, I made the K in the "Airport/STAR/DP Charts" box bold so people will be more likely to notice it (I got this idea from Richard Critz's version of this page), and I spaced out the links to the fix information, another idea I got from Rich's page.
I've also finally added the guestbook and links pages, so stop by those while you're at it.  (c;
June 30, 2001: The site is now back up after some downtime due to a server move and a few problems.
March 31, 2001: I'm actually posting this on April 6th, but I got the e-mail from Landings on the 31st (good response time for them, bad for me <G>). They kindly removed that line in the HTTP header, so the world airport info form now works correctly.
March 30, 2001: The Landings Web server seems to be putting a line in the HTTP response headers that is causing the World Airport Info form to display a download box instead of simply displaying the page. I have e-mailed them and hope that they can fix it. In the meantime, simply open the downloaded page--or if you are using Internet Explorer, click "Open this file from its current location"--and you'll see the information about the airport.
March 2, 2001: Well today I decided to finally do a long-overdue update to v1.03. Lots of things have been updated.
  • First, as you have probably noticed, there is a Java clock in the left frame set to UTC. I decided to add this because I often need Zulu time when controlling, and it's easier to glance as this than figure out the difference between UTC and my local time.  (c;
  • I moved the credits to this page, that way they won't take up space in the left frame, which is always displayed. I got this idea from Richard Critz's version of the ATC Info Page. Check it out, you might like his font and colors.
  • I added the little navbar at the top of this page. The guestbook and links pages aren't up yet, so they aren't clickable.
  • I added the form for getting airport diagram, STAR, and DP charts from EchoFlight.
  • I added the drop-down box for U.S. weather maps. I got the idea and code for it from the SATUSA All Servers Page.
  • I removed the Submit buttons in the left frame because they were so large. Now you have to hit Enter, but most people probably did that anyway.  (c;
  • And I updated other links in the left frame.
September 24, 2000: Well I finally decided to update. I added the VA callsign/link list and the SATSERV logs links. Thanks to those who e-mailed suggesting them. Please keep the suggestions coming! And please don't forget about the ability to download the ATC pages for use on your own computer.  (c;
June 27, 2000: Today I added the World Airport Info part and called it v1.01.. This uses Landings. You can get info on airports all over the world, including the USA. So you might use this instead of the U.S. one, if you prefer the layout over AirNav. You can also click on the More link to get more searching options if you don't know the airport ID.

I added forms for all the info pages I know of. If you have any others you'd like to see added, e-mail me and let me know. I want to make this as complete as possible.

I only have Internet Explorer, so I have not tried it in Netscape or any other browser. It looks great in IE, take a look at this screenshot to see what I mean.  (c;  If it doesn't look like that to you, please e-mail me and let me know. If possible, please include a screenshot, preferably in JPEG format, compressed so it's less than 100 KB.

If you have any other suggestions, comments, or questions, please feel free to e-mail me. I'd love to hear from you.

Please feel free to modify this page in any way and redistribute it any where you want to. If you do distribute it or a modified version of it, please e-mail me and let me know.

I only control in the U.S., so I just made this with U.S. info. If you'd like to help me make a European, Asian, Pacific, etc. version, please e-mail me.

Well, that's about all I can think of to say right now. I hope you find this useful.

U.S. airport, navaid, and fix data provided by World airport data provided by Landings. METARs provided by NOAA. Java clock provided by P. Lutus. Airport/STAR/DP charts provided by U.S. weather maps box code and many links taken from VATSIM All Servers Page. Weather maps provided by Preferred routes provided by the FAA. Some ideas taken from Richard Critz's version of this page. Icon based on an image displayed on the University of Kansas ITTC Web site.

Created by Adam Porter, who controls in the Fort Worth ARTCC.